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About us

The current business paradigm isn't about digital, it's about connection. The industrial economy is breaking apart, replaced by a decentralized system built on human connection, collaboration and creativity.

And Australians are catching on.

Sole proprietors are the fastest growing business structure. One in ten Australians report running a side hustle and this number is growing year-on-year.

However, those looking for legal support are often forced to choose between DIY templates or over-priced law firms.

We offer a middle path.

Drawing on years of commercial experience and the best online resources, we provide personalised, fast and affordable legal services for those starting out on their business adventure.

Legal does not need to be complex, boring or prohibitively expensive!


By answering some questions online or booking a free consultation, we can work out what you need and prepare a personalised legal solution for your business.

It's that simple.

Are you ready to launch your business or share your project with the world? Or maybe you just want to make sure your existing business is properly protected? 


We're here to help you join the connection economy and start making money doing what you love


Principal @ Nomadiq Legal


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