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Incorporating a company?

We've got you covered.

Working with a co-founder? Looking to raise capital? Or just want the tax advantages and liability protection? 


You may be happy as a sole-trader.  But if you want to set up an Australian proprietary company, we can make it happen.

Please note, we help you through the entire process of incorporating a company (not just the online registration). 


We will provide you with template registration documents (ie. director, secretary and member consents), register your Australian proprietary company with ASIC and provide you with all the relevant post-incorporation documents (ie. directors resolution, share certificate(s) and statutory registers).


... all for a flat fee of AUD $220 + ASIC Fees (currently AUD $506).


Complete our incorporation checklist which will provide us with all the information we require in order to register an Australian proprietary company with ASIC.

... or if you'd prefer to chat in person, book a free (no-obligation) consultation.



We will prepare the pre-incorporation documents (ie. director, secretary and member consents) and send those to you to sign and return to us.

Why is this necessary? Before applying to register a company, you are required to get written consent from people who agree to be a director (must be over 18 years), secretary (must be over 18 years) and members, commonly referred to as shareholders (every company must have at least one member) which you must keep as part of the company's records once registered.



Once you send us a copy of the signed pre-incorporation documents we will proceed to register the company with ASIC. The certificate of registration will be emailed to your nominated email address.



We'll provide you with the post-incorporation documents (ie. directors resolution, share certificate(s) and statutory registers) and template “meeting minutes” to document the discussion and activities conducted in a meeting of shareholders or directors.

If required, we can also assist you to apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN).


If you're working with a co-founder or another shareholder, we highly recommend putting in place a Co-Founder Agreement. Co-founder disagreement is one of the most common reasons businesses fail. We think it is best to get something in writing from the start!

We can draft a Co-Founder Agreement for you for an additional AUD $330. If you require help with this, simply let us know when you're filling out the incorporation checklist.

Ready to incorporate?

What the people say...


— Amie McNee

"Nomadiq understood how my business worked and what I valued. Nomadiq made up our contracts quickly, and took time to help me understand what was happening. I never felt overwhelmed or confused. Nomadiq was affordable, approachable and absolutely no fuss." 

Author. Creative coach.


— Daniel Acheson

"Nomadiq gave me insight into what I needed to protect myself and my business. Once I received my custom legal infrastructure I was reminded of the importance of getting professional help. Three businesses down and many more in the pipeline, I know Nomadiq has my back."

Business coach.

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 10.44.14

— Kirsty Farrenkothen

"Nomadiq took the time to explore what it is we do, the areas that could be problematic and then craft a specific legal solution. I can't describe the relief I feel knowing we are legally covered. Nomadiq was approachable and understanding and I always felt I could ask questions." 


Ready to incorporate?

... or book a free (no-obligation) consultation.

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