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Everything you need to get up and running.

Ready to launch your business or share your project with the world? Or maybe you want to make sure your existing business is properly protected? Don't worry. We've got you covered.

We help online businesses, developers, consultants, coaches, copywriters, podcasters, personal trainers, photographers and everyone in between.

If you know what you​ need, drop us a line using our contact form and we'll get back to you with a free (no-obligation) quote.

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... or if you'd prefer to chat in person, book a free (no-obligation) consultation.

Either way, we're on a fact-finding mission to work out how your business works and what legal support you need!



We will review the information and provide you with some suggestions (and a FREE no-obligation quote to do the work).

We offer a standard Launch Package for AUD $480 which is suitable for 80% of our clients. It includes preparation of your key client agreement, as well as up to three additional legal documents (such as Website T&Cs, a Privacy Policy, a Contractor Agreement, an IP Licencing Agreement etc.)

If required, we can also help you apply for an ABN, register your business name, incorporate a company or trade mark your business name/logo.



If you choose to proceed, we will get to work finalising your documents (and answering any questions you have).


Unlike other online providers, we do not just provide you with templates. We're your lawyers and will work with you until you're totally satisfied. And you don't pay until the work is completed.

Ready to launch?

What the people say...


— Amie McNee

"Nomadiq understood how my business worked and what I valued. Nomadiq made up our contracts quickly, and took time to help me understand what was happening. I never felt overwhelmed or confused. Nomadiq was affordable, approachable and absolutely no fuss." 

Author. Creative coach.


— Daniel Acheson

"Nomadiq gave me insight into what I needed to protect myself and my business. Once I received my custom legal infrastructure I was reminded of the importance of getting professional help. Three businesses down and many more in the pipeline, I know Nomadiq has my back."

Business coach.

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 10.44.14

— Kirsty Farrenkothen

"Nomadiq took the time to explore what it is we do, the areas that could be problematic and then craft a specific legal solution. I can't describe the relief I feel knowing we are legally covered. Nomadiq was approachable and understanding and I always felt I could ask questions." 


Ready to launch?

... or book a free (no-obligation) consultation.

We help Aussie entrepreneurs launch businesses

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