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Got a unique brand or image you want to protect? 

A trade mark can be your most valuable marketing tool. It is your business identity that helps you promote your products or services.

It is not just your business name or logo! A trade mark can include (amongst other things) a word, phrase, slogan or advertising jingle. More information on trade marks is available on IP Australia's website.

We can help you register a trade mark for AUD $180 (per trade mark) + Government Fees (currently AUD $250 per class).


Complete our trade mark form which will capture some information about you,  your business and the trade mark(s) you would like to register.




We will undertake a preliminary assessment and trade mark search to determine whether your trade mark(s) are eligible for registration. 



We will suggest an appropriate class (or classes) for registration. 

Why is this necessary? When you apply to register a trade mark you must provide a description of the goods or services you intend to use your trade mark on. These goods and services are catergorised into one or more classes.


IP Australia's trade marks classification search provides a list of goods and services classes that you can choose for your trade mark. The database also includes a snapshot of the types of goods and services that fall into each class.


If you're happy to proceed, we will submit an application to register your trade mark(s) in the class(es) that we have agreed.*


Please note, you are only required to pay when (and if) we submit your application!


* Every trade mark is examined by IP Australia to ensure it meets the requirements for it to be registered in Australia. If there are any issues raised by IP Australia during the examination of your application, we will forward the report with our advice and discuss what changes may need to be made to the application.

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